Post Spring ESSC Reflections (1)

“ We prayed together, sang hymns and listened to the divine teachings…my family and I are blessed with gifts in music. We included a hymnal evangelism for the first time.” The Evangelical Services and Spiritual Convocation (ESSC) of the True Jesus Church is held twice a year as grand spiritual gatherings. To me, each ESSC presents an opportunity for rejuvenation. We devotedly spend three and a half days engaged in sincere worship within the church sanctuary. It’s a time when we can concentrate and become spiritually enriched and satisfied. This was especially the case for the Spring ESSC of 2023. Two preachers, Pastor Hou and Pastor Chou, appointed by the U.S. General Assembly, deepened our understanding of the divine truth through their sermons. Lord Jesus is righteous, but he is also filled with immense love. Thus, he was willing to sacrifice himself on the cross, bearing the sins of all of us. Every one of us has the responsibility to recognize our relationship with God because we all originate from him, he is the light within us, and he is our life. Only by acknowledging our sins, repenting, and accepting salvation can we gradually come to know God, understand his love, authority, glory, and learn how to interact with him. Aside from the enriching sermons, we also had wonderful fellowship. Many relatives and friends whom we seldom get the chance to see attended this ESSC. We prayed together, sang hymns, listened to the divine teachings. We also ate together, took photographs, and bore witness for the Lord. During these fellowship activities, we all felt the love that emanates from God, which moved us to tears and inspired us to live for love. For me and my family blessed with gifts in music, the ESSC is an excellent opportunity to seek God’s guidance in the Lord. This time was especially meaningful as we had a combined church choir and several brothers and sisters blessed with musical gifts. For the first time, we organized a hymnal evangelism meeting at the Chicago Church. This hymnal evangelism meeting not only invited friends to come before the Lord but also allowed us who served to experience the taste of God’s grace. As we praised the Lord through music, we were filled with the Holy Spirit. This affirmed that there are indeed correct ways to utilize one’s gifts. We serve the Lord, and we are accepted by him. Come join us to worship God and thanking Him for His gifts to us and how to put His gifts to good use according to His will.  For my wife and I, we have been gifted with music.  It is joyful to recognize what God has given us and knowing how to edify Him and others with what He bestowed on us.  Please visit our website for our worship service hours and address.  We look forward to seeing you soon! Please find our church location below:

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