Post Spring ESSC 2024 Reflection (3)

Do not be disheartened, for God understands.

Amidst the impacts of various circumstances in this world, my emotions often plummet and I find myself in deep despair. I pray and inquire of God, yet the situation does not seem to improve. Internally, I question why God hasn’t assisted me, why such events were not prevented, and whether God truly hears my prayers. Negative emotions flood in, and even my faith in God wanes. However, I’ve overlooked a critical aspect—God’s feelings. No parent who loves their child can watch them suffer without feeling heartache.

During the prayers at the Spring Evangelical Service and Spiritual(ESSC), I deeply experienced God’s response and comfort. One thing has always pricked my heart. Although I prayed to God and received His comfort, I still couldn’t let go deep down. I even planned to skip the Holy Communion at this ESSC. So, I decided to pray and entrust the matter to God. After several laying-on-of-hands prayers, I felt God’s comfort and encouragement. Not only did I partake of the unleavened bread and grape juice (the Communion elements), but God also greatly blessed me with two additional small cups and a large cup of grape juice (since the Communion elements shouldn’t be left over). After this ESSC Communion, my heart finally found relief. It was because I hadn’t given up seeking God, nor had I avoided my pain in His presence. Through this ESSC, God gave me immense comfort!

Often, God uses various situations to refine us—tempering our temperaments, maturing our character, and testing our faith, as He transforms our joys into sorrows to keep us humble and vigilant against pride. In these tough times, I remind myself of God’s past guidance and experiences, allowing myself to feel fear but not to lose courage, to grieve but not to despair. For every hardship we endure is permitted by God and is within our capacity to bear, and He will provide a way out when it becomes unbearable.

No loving parent can bear to see their child in pain, let alone a Father who loves us so much that He sacrificed His own life for us. When we are refined by hardship, remember that God understands our feelings and weeps for us. God is love, and His training and discipline are manifestations of that love.

I sincerely invite everyone to attend future ESSCs. I can feel that the prayers during the ESSC are more powerful and effective. For example, during this ESSC, a truth seeker was moved by God on the second day and received the Holy Spirit. I hope to see you all at the ESSC in September and share in the wonderful experience of God’s goodness together. In the meantime, please do come and join us for service…why wait?

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