Truth about God (9)

Mending the Rifts – The Watching Man

Maintaining relationships is truly challenging for me because I am sensitive and easily hurt, often overthinking things. The root of these issues tends to stem from external influences, like the struggle for face in social interactions, rumors, misunderstandings, and deception. These issues invariably lead to misunderstandings or conflicts with friends, family, or others, making it crucial for me to be vigilant about these troublesome sources.

The Bible offers a wealth of wisdom for handling these problems. For instance, the teachings found in Ephesians 5 are particularly intriguing. “For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth.” Sometimes, I am too concerned with saving face; an unintentional act by someone can offend me. However, if I choose to respond with “goodness, humility, and gentleness,” stepping back, I can prevent conflicts and demonstrate our virtues to others. Rumors can severely impact my perception of others, even affecting the trust between friends and causing rifts in my relationships. But if I hold “righteousness” in my heart and learn to discern, I can eliminate external influences. The most important for me are “honesty and sincerity” because, being introverted, I often don’t open up about my true self to others, making it hard for them to understand, get along with, assist me, and maintain our emotional connection. So, I mustn’t be afraid to open my heart and be honest with others, ensuring the foundation of our relational walls doesn’t crumble.

Do not be afraid; only believe,” Jesus often to side. Similarly, we shouldn’t be afraid but trust in Jesus’ guidance. By humbling our hearts, opening our eyes, and broadening our world to embrace others, everything that happens in God is meaningful because God “is faithful.” Let us rely on God to be the watchman of our interpersonal relationships!

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Elderly people often say, “Young people like to ‘hold their heads high and chests out,’ but those who are older prefer to ‘bow their heads’ .”

How can we prevent rumors or misunderstandings from affecting our relationships with others?

Often, due to environmental pressure, the opinions of others, and the herd mentality, I find myself making choices that go against my conscience, ultimately leading to unfavorable outcomes.