What has God been trying to teach you

What is God trying to Teach You?

We go to college to be taught a specific course of study that we selected.  How do we know what God wants to teach us?  It’s not just the what, but also the how and why He wants to teach us.  How do we listen to Him for anything?

Sometimes, God’s message may not be something that we hear audibly. Sometimes, it’s through a sermon. In the past year, was there a particular sermon or message that really spoke to us? Was there a particular book in the Bible that when we read, we felt like God was speaking to us? Sometimes, it could just be through a conversation with a member. That member reminded you of God’s principles and teaching. Or sometimes, it could be completely unrelated to spiritual things but it seemed like God was using that to teach you something. Whatever it is, we need to think and reflect, “What has God been trying to teach us this year?”

I remember my first year in college. It was the first week of school. I remember that I was sitting on the school bus and I was thinking the question, “What am I doing here in this school?” Because I applied to six universities but I only got into one school. I think I had pretty good grades but only one accepted me. The first week I was there, I was thinking about “Well, God must have a purpose for me to be here in this school.” Particularly on that bus ride, I was thinking about that question. When I got off the bus, and as I was walking through the campus, it probably was a message from God, I don’t think it was just a coincidence, I ran into my high school friend in the courtyard. This high school friend was one of the first people I brought to church.  I tried to preach to him. After catching up with him, as I was walking, I was thinking “Oh, God just answered my question.” What am I doing here? God was reminding me that I need to preach the gospel here.

There could be different experiences we have in the year that God is trying to encourage and exhort us in some way. I hope we don’t forget those lessons. Those times pass so quickly but let’s not forget those lessons.

A month ago, I was talking to a sister. This sister had children recently. She was thinking and praying about the question “should I stay at home with my children or should I continue working?” She kept on praying about this. She was really on the fence. In one prayer, she heard God speak to her. She heard that the Lord Jesus was telling her “Let them see Me in you” with them referring to the children. When she heard that, she realized, “okay, if they need to see Christ in me, that means I should stay at home with my children.” She took that message to heart, decided to quit her job and become a full-time mom.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be so clear like this with God speaking to you but God speaks in many ways. Sometimes in a small gentle voice, through other people, Scripture, sermon. We should take those messages to heart, think about them and never forget them.

For myself, there was a period a few months ago, where I was feeling discouraged. I think this is part of faith and life. Even as a preacher, the road ahead is always blue skies. At that time, I also felt the Lord Jesus encouraging me. Not through any voice that I heard but sometimes, it was through witnessing God’s work in other people. The message that I felt God was trying to share with me was “do not grow weary in doing good”.

“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” Galatians 6:9

Sometimes we may feel we are spending a lot of energy and effort to do the Lord’s work. Sometimes if we feel like there isn’t much of a result, we may grow discouraged. Or even if the opposite happens that can also be discouraging.

The Bible tells us not to grow weary in doing good. If we keep doing what we know we should be doing, God will eventually manifest Himself. We should keep doing good, do not lose heart.

What was an encouragement or exhortation that God has given you in these past twelve months?  Come join us to listen to His words and to find out how to do more good.

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