Virtues of Counselors

Virtues of Counselors
Christian counseling, distinct from secular methods, aims to guide you towards God’s light through the teachings of Jesus Christ. To attain this goal, you should strive to embody virtues that draw you closer to God.

These virtues include embodying the likeness of Jesus, the ultimate counselor, and fostering a deep relationship with God. This personal spiritual connection allows you to discern your own unspoken emotions and needs, often hidden beneath surface-level expressions.

Christian counseling involves navigating spiritual challenges, often distinct from worldly concerns. Hence, secular knowledge alone falls short. You, like Prophet Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones, must rely on faith in God’s wisdom to breathe life into situations seeming desolate and hopeless.

A strong defense against spiritual deceit is familiarity with your spiritual weapons: the Word of God and the Spirit of God. The Word of God provides sanctify-cation and the capacity to penetrate your heart, uplifting your soul. However, words must be handled with care; while comforting phrases might momentarily, please, only the hard truth, even if initially painful, ensures long-term wellbeing.

The Spirit of God complements the Word of God, guiding you to wield it correctly. An absence of God’s Spirit risks misusing His Word, leading to potential harm to yourself and others. Indeed, the Word of God comes alive and reaches the depths of your soul only when spoken under the Spirit’s guidance.

In essence, successful Christian counseling demands a robust relationship with God, a deep understanding of His Word, and a heart filled with His Spirit. These combined ensure you’re equipped to guide yourself from spiritual darkness towards the light of God.

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