In today’s world, love is often discussed but poorly understood. For some, love is about self-fulfillment, for others, it ranges from attraction to deep sacrifice. Love may have taken a central place in contemporary thought, but it’s true essence is often distorted. This perversion has led to numerous societal issues, from illegitimate births to moral compromises.

In the Bible, we find cautionary tales about how love can grow cold in the face of wickedness or turn into selfishness. Thus, understanding the “dimensions” of genuine love is crucial. Love should have breadth—it should extend beyond us to our families, friends, community, and even enemies. However, many fail this simple test of breadth; they complain about a lack of love in institutions while not providing love themselves.

True love is also not just charitable actions performed under the public eye. It questions our intentions and prompts us to consider whether our love has the right priorities. For instance, is a church showing love by focusing only on tourist groups while neglecting longer-staying visitors?

Jesus’s sacrifice is the epitome of love’s breadth, covering all of humanity. Understanding this form of love—far-reaching, selfless, and enduring—is vital for any society, especially in these times when the word “love” is so freely, but inaccurately, used.

Love is multi-dimensional: it has breadth, length, height, and depth. Time can either strengthen or erode love, but divine love endures forever. Even when humanity fails, God’s love remains constant, exemplified by Christ’s sacrifice. In contrast, worldly love is often fleeting, seen in prenuptial agreements, and failing commitments. In marriage and church, love should be enduring and unconditional.

Great deeds often symbolize love, from young men daring feats for their beloved to monuments like the Eiffel Tower. Yet, the most significant act of love was Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Modern society often prioritizes selfish love, individualism, and freedom over selfless love like patriotism and religious sacrifice.

True love requires depth and sincerity, not just surface-level acts. Its impact is often unseen but profoundly felt. For instance, a mother’s sacrifices for her child far outweigh any monetary value. Love’s depth is also seen in constant thoughtfulness towards the beloved, including God and the church.

Though the True Jesus Church has its own unique expressions and challenges of love, it has achieved monumental examples of Christian love globally. Yet, there is room for growth in embodying the multi-dimensional love demonstrated by Christ.

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