Set Your Mind on Things Above

Being overly heavenly-minded is often criticized as making one useless on Earth. However, this notion overlooks the regret and dissatisfaction experienced by many who solely pursue worldly success. Perhaps it’s time to reevaluate what the Bible says about being heavenly-minded.

Paul urges us to focus on heavenly, not earthly, matters (Col 3:2). He contrasts being alive on Earth but spiritually dead, with being spiritually alive but dead to earthly sins. This choice guides our Christian journey.

How to be heavenly-minded? In times of uncertainty, the Bible should be our guide. Paul tells us to put to death our earthly behaviors (Col 3:5). Our deepest desires often reflect our spiritual state; managing them makes us holy and pleasing to God. We should also protect our hopes and desires with the same intensity as God protects us. This is not a one-time task, but a continual effort.

A second step is putting on the ‘new man,’ aligning our character with that of Christ (Col 3:8-10). Dismissing ‘minor’ sins can be tempting but dangerous. As Christians, we’re called to be different. To dismiss this call is to disregard our God-given privilege.

Paul likens becoming a Christian to changing clothes: taking off the ‘old man’ and putting on the ‘new man’ (Col 3:8–10). This process, challenging but essential, is facilitated by the Bible and the Holy Spirit. They guide us towards spiritual maturity.

Finally, knowledge of God should be transformative (Col 3:16). As we understand more about Jesus, we become more like Him. This is the ultimate goal of the Christian life. Therefore, let’s continually renew our knowledge, keeping our minds, hopes, and desires focused on things above, making our way to heavenly rest, day by day (Col 3:4).

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