On Our Social Media Usage

Social media has changed our lives. Especially during the pandemic, people are spending more time on social media to stay connected and to be entertained. Depending on who you ask, social media has made life better or worse.

However, as Christians who engage in social media, we should continuously:
1. Reflect on how it is impacting our faith and relationship with God
2. Examine our motives and recognize the deceitfulness of the social media culture
3. Use social media to glorify God.

First, social media impacts our faith differently for different people. A few questions to guide our reflection are – How much time are we spending on social media daily? Is social media preventing me from spiritual cultivation? Is it distracting me during worship (ex. can’t focus on service/prayer)? Is my heart and mind more drawn to the attractive things/ways of this world, or towards God and what is unseen (2 Cor 4:18)?

Second, why do we feel compelled to use social media? For some, it is a brainless activity to default to during small breaks or to relax after a tiring day of work. For others, it is a way to show off their lives, to be seen, and admired by other people. It is a way for them to feel approval and validation and stay “relevant” to others.

If we ever find ourselves doing things “just for the ‘gram” or overly emphasizing the number of likes/views – we must recognize the satisfaction from these is deceitful. If we cannot enjoy those activities without needing to post/share, it is solely feeding our pride and deepening our insecurities. If we want to measure or improve our lives using worldly standards and what is being flaunted on social media, we digress from the heavenly direction to which God has called us.

Greatness in God’s eyes is to live a life of humble servitude like John the Baptist (Mt 11:11). Lasting relevance and importance are not measured by the number of views or followers we have, but by how we serve and treat the people around us.

Third, when God blesses us with a good life, the focus should be on thanksgiving and glorifying God, rather than boasting and self-promotion. As Jesus mentioned throughout Matthew 6, we live not to be seen and praised by men, but to be seen and praised by God. Instead of using social media for our own benefit, aim to benefit other people by sharing God’s grace, checking in with brothers and sisters, and preaching the gospel.

So, how are you consuming and using social media? If you are struggling with social media usage, it may be time to disconnect from your screens and reconnect with God. May God grant us the necessary self-control, proper heart, and motivation, to glorify Him in all we do.

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