How God Called Me to His True Church

In my earlier days, I belonged to the Twelve Disciples Church. However, a pivotal event in 1991 changed everything. On January 19th, the pastor, desiring me to lead the church in West Africa, requested that I undergo a ritual to gain supernatural powers. But the following morning, I was surprisingly expelled from the church. The pastor claimed angels had warned him against me, hinting at a divine purpose for me elsewhere.

Not knowing where to turn, I had a profound dream at my parents’ home. In it, I stood before a grand throne with an indescribable figure. A dove from the throne placed three rainbows on me, and an elderly ruler offered a white garment, staff, and scroll. As I consumed the scroll, its mysteries unfolded to me. I was instructed to seek out the True Church. As my dream ended, I spotted a billboard inscribed “True Jesus Church” in French, surrounded by stars.

The next day, I discovered a church identical to my dream. Four months on, I was baptized into this church. This transformative experience began my healing from a traumatic accident in 1978. During a walk in the jungle, I had fallen into a pit with a charcoal fire, severely burning my legs. Although the burns didn’t lead to amputation, they left me with migraines, epilepsy, potential blindness, and infertility. However, post-baptism, my health miraculously restored over time, even blessing me with four children.

Shortly after my baptism, another dream graced me. In it, a voice urged me to speak the word “Hallelujah.” As I obeyed, I felt spiritually rejuvenated, and upon awakening, found myself speaking in tongues, indicating the Holy Spirit’s presence within me.

Today, I serve God full-time in His true church, indebted for the hope and purpose He has bestowed upon me. All praise to the Almighty!

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