Giving Thanks in all Circumstances

Growing up in a large family in Indonesia, I never really understood what faith meant, despite attending church and praying regularly. It wasn’t until I felt isolated and suicidal in university that I found solace and healing in a deepened prayer life, committing up to an hour a day in conversation with God. This practice not only saved me from my darkest thoughts but also filled me with a newfound sense of peace and purpose.

My faith was put to the test when Indonesia was hit by an economic crisis in 2009, severely affecting my father’s business and our family’s financial stability. Our home turned from a place of peace to one filled with anxiety and despair. Seeing my strong father cry for the first time broke my heart and heightened my own fears about our future.

During this crisis, my prayers became my sanctuary. I poured out all my fears, questions, and anxieties to God. It was in these moments of vulnerability that I felt a divine nudge, reassuring me that these hardships were opportunities to put my faith into action. I began to accept even the worst-case scenarios, like extreme poverty, with gratitude, realizing that being alive meant I could still serve God.

Then came a small miracle that reaffirmed my faith: an unexpected twist in a car sale meant to offset some of our debt. The buyer, after paying for the car, decided he didn’t want it but insisted that we keep the money. This incident was a tangible sign that God was taking care of us, reinforcing my belief that all would be well if we kept our faith.

These trials taught me the true essence of faith: an unwavering trust in God, regardless of circumstances. I’ve come to realize that Jesus is all we need. No loss, financial or personal, is insurmountable when you have a strong relationship with God. For me, these challenges weren’t curses but opportunities for growth. They helped me understand that as long as I have Jesus, I have everything I need.

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