Choosing Friends Wisely

Why is making friends important for students?

Friends help develop you emotionally and morally. In interacting with friends, you learn many social skills, such as how to communicate, cooperate, and solve problems. You practice controlling your emotions and responding to the emotions of others. You develop the ability to think through and negotiate different situations that arise in your relationships. Having friends can even affect your college performance. People tend to have better attitudes about college and learning when they have friends there.  Hence making friends with the same Godly belief and value system is very important.  If you want to keep yourself pure and free from corrupt worldly desires, then you need to find friends who share similar Christian beliefs.

You are subject to being influenced by your college social environment.  If you are constantly exposed to an environment where morals are loose and godliness is low to not important, then eventually you will begin to think that certain things are okay to do for “Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character.”  1 Corinthians 15:33.

Hanging out with a group of people who are determined to do what is pleasing to God will help tip the scale in the right direction.  If bad (evil) companies can corrupt good habits, then surely virtuous companies can nurture good habits.  

Where to find Godly friends?

Search for your local church.  Chances are, there are college oriented either as students or as professionals in education or institutions of higher learning at church.  There are also church members who are professionals or leaders in the industry who can help navigate you through the pathway to career choices in a Godly way.  You can trust such people with Godly demeanors to expand your learning experience outside of college and into specific industries.  They can be your spiritual mentor on top of being your college mentor.

Within your college, you can also find people who are like-minded and do not contradict Christan values and who work to improve the environment around them.  Befriending them can become a positive influence on your life and help you achieve your goals.  Hanging out with people who aren’t lazy can also help motivate you to make good use of your day or time in general.

How do you choose Godly friends?

Never comprise what you believe in.  At the initial stage of interacting with your peers, be sure to set forth your values and beliefs with surety and without flinching.  It is better to set the stage sooner rather than later especially if you have a roommate.  Things like prayer, observing the Sabbath, going to church etc.  By being forth front with friends, you can avoid awkward situations.  Chances of them asking you to go clubbing, smoking, and drinking would be low.  Stick to your religious beliefs and life principles consistently.  Set your boundaries clearly.  That way avoiding temptations is a lot easier than dealing with it when it hits you head-on.  Picking the right friends in college helps you avoid facing temptation all the time.

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