Be Rooted in Christ (Part 3)

Even in times of trial, mature faith can bear fruit. But sometimes we might find it difficult to connect deeply with God due to various hurdles. These obstacles can range from environmental factors like poverty or health problems, to emotional ups and downs, or even conflicts in our relationships. However, characters in the Bible, like Hannah and Job, they show us how to keep the faith even when faced with enormous difficulties.

So, how can we nurture a faith like Hannah and Job’s? First and foremost, remember that our faith should not be dependent on our feelings. Fluctuations in our emotions shouldn’t become barriers in our closeness with God. Next, we should constantly pray, to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and seek transformation in our behaviors and characters. Lastly, let faith be the core of your life, not just an accessory. Our relationship with God should never be compromised by any other aspects of our lives.

God doesn’t expect us to face challenges just with sheer determination. He provides comfort and strength. When we trust in God, it can calm our anxieties and give us peaceful sleep. Even during difficult times, our faith in God gives us the strength to care for others.

Biblical characters demonstrate their spiritual growth through trials. Peter continued to write letters encouraging his brothers and sisters even when he knew his end was near. Despite being in prison, Paul remained spiritually free, and his letters, filled with the Holy Spirit, even became a part of the New Testament. John, although persecuted and exiled, used his dire circumstances to write the Book of Revelation.

Being deeply rooted in God’s word is crucial for our spiritual growth and for facing trials. This is not just an abstract concept, it requires action. So, take a moment to think: How deeply am I rooted in the truth? Is my faith strong enough? Can I stand firm in my belief and trust in God, no matter the circumstances?

Remember, God will never leave those who follow His will. Even during trials, His promises never fail. And a firm faith in God will make us fruitful trees, planted by the water.

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