Be Rooted in Christ (Part 2): Grow in Christ

Be Rooted in Christ Part 1, talks about how we can use God’s teaching to face an external world. And this Part 2, introduces us how to focus on inner cultivation.

Spiritual cultivation necessitates creating an environment where our faith can thrive. Key elements include a willingness to lead a holy life, actively practicing the truth, patiently waiting for enlightenment, belief in Christ and His Church, meditation on God’s Word, engaging in theological discussion, and spreading the Word of God.

We should seek to live a holy life that avoids wrongdoing, fulfilling God’s expectations. Moreover, we need to implement God’s teachings in our lives and not just gain knowledge of them. Our comprehension of God’s Word will grow when we consistently apply it, as illustrated by the disciples in the Book of Acts. Patience in understanding scripture is necessary; instant gratification can deter our pursuit of God’s wisdom.

Maintaining faith in Christ and His Church, believing in the doctrines, and rejecting any form of doubt is essential for spiritual growth. Reflecting and meditating on God’s Word allows us to deepen our understanding beyond a superficial level. Engaging in discussions about God’s teachings can further enhance our knowledge and help us learn from each other. Furthermore, preaching and sharing God’s Word with others allows us to internalize it more effectively.

Spiritual growth is reflected in our prayers. We should focus on spiritual rather than physical matters, pray for others rather than just ourselves, seek God’s teachings instead of merely asking for His blessings, and strive to love God more rather than just seeking His love. In other words, we cannot just ask for blessings but not take commitments towards Him.  Such a shift in prayer focus represents the deepening of our faith roots, leading to a fruitful spiritual life.

Having an intimate relationship with God is good but not complete.  God also wants us to have a Godly relationship with people, our fellow brethren.  I invite you to join us on this journey of taking root and growing your with Christ and your fellow brethren by taking the first step in attending our Fall Evangelical Services and Spiritual Convocation (ESSC) from September 14 to 17,2023 at our church located as follows:

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